The Best Way to Organize Your Closet

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When you set out to organize your closet, the first step is to remove everything in it. This makes it easier to measure your space and see what you have to work with. It also gives you a chance to sort through your clothes.

Consider storing out-of-season clothing in the basement or a storage locker. You will have more room for what you need every day. You may also want to donate things that looked great in the store but don’t quite fit your style anymore.

Once you know how much room you have, it’s time to look at closet organizers. You may be able to find the right storage solution on the shelf at a big box store but, to maximize your space, you should also investigate custom-designed closet organizers.

A customized walk-in closet or condo closet often features pieces manufactured just for your unique space, giving you the best possible use of your space.
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Organize your closet the sensible way. Before you run out and buy an organizer, know what you need and how much room you have. Off-the-rack and one-size-fits-all solutions that you can find at a big box store may work but they may not offer the best custom design closet for your needs.


Take the time to sort through your belongings. Sometimes items creep into our closets when they could be stored elsewhere. Move items like sports equipment into the garage or attic until it’s needed. Just removing the extra items can help you gain precious space.


It’s also a good time to sort through your clothes. Donate things you don’t wear to charity and move out-of-season outfits into a box. You can take them out when they become season appropriate again. Until then, you can use the space for items you actually need today.


Resist the urge to add lots of shelves to your closet. Yes, these may be great for setting up shoe collections and storing boxes, but they take up precious inches of wall space. Why take away from hanging space when you may be able to store items in a storage island or a specially designed shoe or handbag holder?


You may find luxury closet organizers and high-end closet solutions are within your reach. There’s no point in installing a cheap out-of-the-box system when you can add a truly magnificent custom storage solution that could add to your home’s resale value.


The best custom storage solutions are tailored to your space and your needs. It’s worth having a professional home organization company measure your closet and help you sift through options. Choose a company with a free consultation and you have nothing to lose—except a cluttered and unusable closet.

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